Why people keep playing Scary Maze Game?

With the help of the game called Scary Maze you will be able to test the hand-eye coordination and concentration skills of yours. People never give up on playing the game named Scary Maze as it attracts all the players of all ages. They just put the headphones on in order to hear all the amazing sounds of the game and all they need is to guide the tiny point through the maze in order to complete every level successfully. However, players need to be very careful when playing the game as they are not supposed to touch the walls because if they do so the game will restart from the very beginning.


These games get updated very frequently, yet, the second version for example, does not differ much from the first version. The only difference is that you need to roll the ball through the maze in order to complete every level without touching the walls of the maze. Players are offered five levels to try out in this game. The music of the game is just amazing that is why players prefer to put the headphones on and turn up the volume to the maximum while enjoying the game. Another good thing is that players can easily play the game on the smartphones and not make much effort to set up the gaming environment.

As for the third version of the game I can mention that it is rather engaging and here players need to move the cute, cuddly small mouse which is trapped in a maze. The mouse needs to reach the end of the maze in order to get his desired and deserved slice of yummy cheese. Players will be able to try out five different levels where every level gradually becomes difficult in order to keep the players challenged and interested in the game. Players are eager to help the little cute mouse to get through the mazes and finally reach the cheese.

Game 3

The game scary maze will scare you to the extent that you will hardly remember your name.  Additional extreme is added as by no means you should touch the walls. In case you touch them you will have to restart the game from the very beginning. You will find new, difficult mazes where you will need to guide the ball through. To make the game unique the game creators have made new mazes including an S-shaped maze level, an M-shaped maze level, loopy, curvy levels and much more. Always remember that once you touch the walls the game will be over and you will have to restart the game from the very beginning.

This special game is like the previous versions. The graphics are much better in this game and you can also see moving objects and twinkling stars.