Jill in Different Situations- Cake Mania

If you are a restaurant game lover then you are definitely going to like the Cake Mania series. The game is full of fun and excitement. Each of the installments of the game is going to amaze you. The game is based on a story of Jill’s life. In each sequel you will find Jill in different situation. Like the other restaurant game you have to do a lot of tasks at the same time. You can download now this amazing game!
In the game you have to prepare the cake and serve to the customers quickly. In the first installment you will find Jill working hard to regain the fame of her grandparent’s bakery shop. In third sequel Jill is going to marry her loved one but this wedding is cancelled. In Cake Mania 4 Jill is working to rebuild the Main Street. In Cake Mania to the Max you will see Jill in the Prom.

Cake mania to the max is available in online gaming websites

Cake mania has been popular for so many years since it has been released. The game really outstands in the category of cooking game. The fascinating story line of this game will keep you attached to this game for hours. The more you make cakes faster, the more you get customers to feed & win points. There are certain point limit, which is needed for crossing a level. With points you earned, you can also buy improved gadgets for making cakes, which will give you the opportunity to earn more & serve customers more quickly. The incredible excitement to play this game has leaded it on the top list of popularity. All the versions of this game repeat the history of its popularity. There are various online gaming websites where you can get all the version of cake mania to the max. To get the versions of this game, you can go to http://www.cakemania3.net/cake-mania-to-the-max/.