Watch Out and Shoot those Bubbles

Bubble Struggle or sometimes refer to as Bubble Trouble is a popular game available online and an older version is downloadable through its official website.  You can play this game in both single player and two player modes.  The game play is so good and yet very simple.  It is really engaging when the game starts to be tricky as you progress in your game.  I think the best technique to this game is to simply attack one part and then keep on going to one side and all the way down to the very last part.  Use the spacebar to shoot your weapon at incoming bubbles leaping in the air.  You can modify the controls if you want to better fit your bubble shooting needs.  So, try to turn into the best Bubble Struggle player and take out those bubbles rapidly.  Time pressure is a part of this game and you also have a minimal number of lives so you better watch out.