Strike Force Heroes 3 unblocked at school

One of the best shooting games available online is the strike force heroes game series. Every chapter of this game is full of action and excitement. It is more like a war and a shooting game. This is the perfect game for those whose passion is aiming and shooting a huge number of enemies. The third installment, Strike Force Heroes 3, can now be played anywhere you are. It has now an unblocked version. that means you can now play it even when you are in school or office or simply at home.

The third sequel begins with a video presentation that GlobeX is having a closed door appointment with his allies in a secret hidey-hole. He elaborated that his army of clones is now ready for a dreadful battle. His wicked mission is to erase the world from its existence. Because of that goal in his mind, he wants to see the public blaming the strike force heroes. He also reiterated that all and every strike force heroes are now under his control. But there is one Strike Force Hero that is not in control yet, that would be you. So it is now your duty to prevent GlobeX from executing his evil plan.

Your ultimate goal in Strike Force Heroes 3 is to silence GlobeX in any way you can. Included in your mission is to protect territories and to capture enemy terrains. You must gather you former teammates to fulfill these missions. You are now appointed as the captain of the elite military team. All decisions are now yours to make. You are responsible for choosing which team members you will tag along in each mission, how many you will take along and even to what the colors of their uniforms will be.


Complete and succeed in fifty missions. One thing you will love about strike force heroes 3 is the variety of objectives and rewards in every mission. Whenever you win, your reward could be cash, a new strike force hero unlocked, a weapon or a combination of these rewards. You also unlock the next mission along with its rewards. You can use your cash in upgrading your heroes and buying accessories.