Show your survival instinct in Carveola Incident

There are three reasons why zombies are great themes or features in different entrrtainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. One is because of the curiousity they bring to people if either they are real or not. Second is because they bring thrill, excitement, and shock to anyone who will see them or encounter them if ever. Last is because they are addicting graphically and cosmetically. There is one game that tackles the zombie apocalypse and it is called Carveola Incident.

The scenario in this game is that you are stucked in Carveola which is a place that has been swarmed by zombies due to the apocalypse. You are aiming for survival and you must think of ways on how to survive and get out of the Carveola. Along the way, you will find weapons that are very helpful in your escape as well as helping other survivors. Search for Carveola Incident online and experience the zombie craze.

Carveola Incident (5)