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Shoot off all enemies in Gun Mayhem 2

If you are a shooting game fanatic, you will surely enjoy the Gun Mayhem game series. In the second installment of this game, you will shoot more enemies and make them fall off the stage or kill them. And you must elude the enemies’ shots towards you. Do not take for granted the power-ups as you fight off enemies. Those power-ups will give you great boost which will help you survive the harder levels.


There are three Modes on which you can play: the Campaign, Custom Games and Challenges. There are fifteen levels to unlock in Campaign. You can play seven modes in Custom Games where you can have up to four players. You can test yourself and enhance your skills with using weapons in Challenges. Gun Mayhem 2 is another must-try addicting action-packed shooting game. Play it for free at

Be strategic and tactical in Defend the Village 2

Defend the Village 2 is the second installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 2 on it. This is a game created and developed by Marcus Witte and has been offering tremendous entertainment since 2011. It is a great game for players who love to challenge their strategical skills. There are two reasons why you will love this great game. First is because of the environment which is the medieval period or era that feels nostalgic for most people. Second is because of the great objective that will surely entertain you.


The mission of the players is to defend the village from barbarians and other enemies approaching the territory. You must be able to wipe the enemies away and turn them into your troops for additional offense and defense. It is all about strategy and being tactical. Defend the Village 2 is perfect for children and adult gamers who are passionate about defense and the medieval period.

Protect the gem in Cursed Treasure 3 Walkthrough

It is normal for players to experience certain difficulty when it comes to the game that they are playing. This is a part of the game’s whole characteristics unless it is a simple one. Fortunately, there are walkthroughs available online so that players or gamers can have a grasp of what they are engaging with. There are three benefits that you can get by watching and appreciating a walkthrough. First is the chance to be familiar with the game that you are currently playing. Second is the chance to survive or be successful with a specific level of the game. Last is the chance for you to prepare on the level of difficulty that you will face or encounter.

This article that you are currently scanning is presenting an example which is called Cursed Treasure 3 Walkthrough. This is obviously about the third edition from the game series called Cursed Treasure. The walkthrough explains the level of difficulty that you will encounter. It also explains what you can do to survive the game. There are ranks given such as Good, Excellent and Brilliant depending on your performance. Play now with the help of this walkthrough.

Cursed Treasure 3 walkthrough (2)

A leveled up game in Wheely 7

Wheely 7 is the seventh and latest installment from the game series called Wheely. In this homepage, you can find certain details about this specific game. Since this is already the seventh or last edition from the series, people or gamers can expect for more intensity in terms of the gameplay. They can also expect for more appealing and entertaining aesthetics. Lastly, they can expect for the greatest story for the main character which is Wheely.


In this edition, the cute but nervous vehicle has finally landed a job as a detective from which he is very good at. The only problem still is the navigation skills which is quite erratic and nerve wracking for him. The goal of the players who will be dealing with this latest offering is to help Wheely navigate throughout the path or way by overcoming the obstacles. Make him feel more relaxed and give him the best drive he will ever have.

Create great team up in Journeys of Reemus 2

Journeys of Reemus 2 is the second installment from the game series called Journeys of Reemus. This has a tag line which is The All Knowing Parasite. There are two things that you should look forward into playing this great game. First are the cute characters which are called Liam and Reemus. The former is a blue creature while Reemus is a strong and brave individual. They are embarking on a mission that might cause them danger if they are not able to create great chemistry and team work.

Journeys Of Reemus 3

In this sequel, the goal of the players who will be engaging with this game is to survive the dangers set up. You should be able to wisely control Liam and Reemus as they work together and help each other. Help them defeat the aliens as much as possible with the objects and stuffs located in the game. You just have to click on them with the right timing and strategy.

Get ready for the outrageous battle in Awesome Tanks 1

Are you amazed in watching tanks go on action in real life? If yes, then you will surely love the topic being presented in this article. It involves a flash game that incorporates tanks. The game is called Awesome Tanks 1. This is the first edition from the game series with the same title minus the number 1 on it.


This particular game is perfect for someone who want to continue their fascination of tanks in a virtual medium. There are two things that you should look forward in this introductory edition. First is the great features that are entertaining and appealing which adds up to the aesthetic and entertainment factor of the game. Second is the gameplay that you have to perform or accomplish which is indeed thrilling. The goal of the players who want to engage with this particular edition is to eliminate or defeat enemy tanks using the given weapons such as laser gun and missile.

More demolitions in demolition city 4

The fourth sequel of the Demolition City game series offers a new mechanic different from its prequels. In Demolition City 4, the core gameplay is the same, demolishing structures using explosives such as dynamites. However, instead of city settings, there are seven levels to play on. In each level, there are various structures which you are to demolish. The structures in the first level are easy to demolish. But as you level up, they become complex and tougher and harder to take down.


The structures are made of wood planks, basic metal pipes, marbles and steel pipes. The explosives that are available to you are sticks of dynamite, RDX steel cutter, PCD-200, RMF-1000 and gasoline barrel. And when you blast off structures, make sure that all debris will fall below the borderline. Go to these guys site to know more about the game and for more techniques.

Utilize your great supply with Water Werks

Water Werks is a physics-based game where you will be dealing with water and blobs. This is a unique game in the sense that you will have to apply basic Physics such as force and trajectory in order to be successful with your objective in this game. There are two reasons why you will love playing this game. First is because of the fact that you and the young ones will be able to learn and visualize certain aspects of Physics which is essential on a daily basis. Second is because of the entertainment that it will bring for you to have a way to kill boredom or spend your leisure time with.

You will be given a huge water supply, water hose and blobs. You will have to utilize the great water supply by pointing your hose towards the blobs so that they will enter their respective containers or hoppers. There are moments in the game that the situation is tough so you have to figure out how to overcome such struggle.

Water Werks

Choose your character and go on a battle in Bomb It 1

Bomb It 1 is the introductory edition from the bomb-infused game series called Bomb It. This game is very important because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that it will start everything that will eventually evolved as the series progresses which includes story and gameplay. Second is because of the fact that it will start the challenge that the players will be dealing with as they play the game.

As mentioned a while ago, this game and series is bomb-infused but you don’t have to worry because it is only through a virtual way and nothing in real life. The great thing about this game is that you are able to play with bombs safely and virtually rather than dealing with them in real life which is dangerous. Your mission as the player of this game is to defeat all your opponents by utilizing the bombs that you are equipped with. Be strategic and efficient in detonating bombs.

Bomb It  (2)

Shoot the ball in Mini Putt 3

Do you have an idea what Mini Putt 3 is? If you are clueless, it is fine because you will be informed as you read the entirety of this article. Mini Putt 3 is a flash game created by Psycho Goldfish Creative Media and released in 2008. This is already the third installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 3. This game is all about virtual golf.

Mini Putt 3

If you love the sport of Golf, then this is the perfect fit for you. As mentioned a while ago, this game simulates the real life process of playing golf. You will act as the player in this game. You will have to drop, aim and shoot the ball on the hole. You can have many attempts but remember that the less attempt you make means a higher score for you. You can play this game by yourself or with three other friends.