Drive and escape in Rumble Town Racing 2

Rumble Town Racing 2 is an example of a flash game that exhibits racing adventure. However, this is not your typical racing game because there are many happenings inside this game, which you will eventually know at the latter part of this article. First, let us tackle two reasons why racing games are clicked among gamers around the world. There are only two words to simplify the answer: cars and adrenaline. Most people are fascinated with cars. With racing, we feel real and virtual adrenaline rush. To further know the game, just continue reading this article.


As mentioned earlier, there are many happenings going on with this game. First, you will be part of a race. Second, the race is illegal. Third, since it is illegal, there are Rumble Town policemen chasing you and other racers. Now, you have a big challenge chasing you. Your survival will depend on how quick and wise you are to beat other racers while escaping or getting out of the sight of the rampaging policemen.