Bump off the bad vehicles in Vehicles 2 Level Pack

Vehicles is one of the most popular game series online which is about cars and navigation. This has a new edition which is called Vehicles 2 Level Pack. This edition offers something amazing and entertaining. The main characters in this game are the municipal vehicles such as fire truck, ambulance and police car. The antagonists are the bad vehicles. The scenario in this game is that you have to control the municipal cars towards the designated area or parking lot. The only problem is that there are bad vehicles hurdling the path.

Your goal is to bump them off the path and screen. You just have to click at the municipal cars to move and bump the bad vehicles. There are 35 levels presented in this game. They are categorized as driving school for the first ten levels, extra levels for the next ten, some more levels for the 21st -30th level and skill levels for the 31st to 35th.