Bump off the bad vehicles in Vehicles 2 Level Pack

Vehicles is one of the most popular game series online which is about cars and navigation. This has a new edition which is called Vehicles 2 Level Pack. This edition offers something amazing and entertaining. The main characters in this game are the municipal vehicles such as fire truck, ambulance and police car. The antagonists are the bad vehicles. The scenario in this game is that you have to control the municipal cars towards the designated area or parking lot. The only problem is that there are bad vehicles hurdling the path.

Your goal is to bump them off the path and screen. You just have to click at the municipal cars to move and bump the bad vehicles. There are 35 levels presented in this game. They are categorized as driving school for the first ten levels, extra levels for the next ten, some more levels for the 21st -30th level and skill levels for the 31st to 35th.


Turn your dreams into virtual representations with Build-a-Lot

If there is one investment that most of us are aiming to achieve, it is having our own house. This is one of the necessities in life that is integral and practical. For most people, having one is a dream but for some, building is an opportunity. This is where Real estate comes in. Real estate is a serious business where a big money is at stake. This is the reason why most people engage with this business. If you are interested in this great venture, you can have a simple glimpse of what it is like to be an agent by playing the game called Build-a-Lot.

Your mission in this game is to become a successful real estate business professional. You will have to start from the bottom until you become a full-pledge real estate professional. You will have to buy a lot, build a house on it and sell it on a large price so that you can get your commission and price that you truly deserve. There are given instructions in the game which you have to follow strategically and logically to enjoy and have a great result.