Control your nerves in Super Stacker 3

Super Stacker 3 is the third edition from the game series called Super Stacker. Obviously, this game is about stacking shapes or objects. This is a stacking game that will be enjoyed by many children and adults worldwide. There are two reasons why you should try playing this game during your free time, breaks or whenever boredom strikes. First is because of the fact that it is simply fun. Second is because it will test your nerves and controlling skills which is quite great for a game that has the main purpose of entertaining.

The objective in this game is that you have to stack the shapes according to the form or figure required in each level. If you already stack the figure, it will have to stand for a given time. If it breaks or falls, you will lose a life. If it stands for the given time, you will advance to the next level. Visit now and start stacking.


Choose any game in Duck Life World

Know more about Duck Life game series in Duck Life World. The story began in Duck Life, the only survivor in a tornado that destroyed your farm is a duck egg. You thought of training the duckling in swimming, flying and running so it can compete in races and win big amount of cash which you will use to rebuild your farm. In Duck Life 2, train your duckling once again but with two additional skills: endurance and climbing.

In Duck Life 3, the competitions are divided into three leagues: Amateurs, Qualifiers and Finals. Duck Life 4 has new features like you can buy and train new ducklings. Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt is said to be the best in the series for having a new way of playing and competing. As the title suggest, your duckling is in an adventure to find rare gems and treasures before other ducklings find it.

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