More demolitions in demolition city 4

The fourth sequel of the Demolition City game series offers a new mechanic different from its prequels. In Demolition City 4, the core gameplay is the same, demolishing structures using explosives such as dynamites. However, instead of city settings, there are seven levels to play on. In each level, there are various structures which you are to demolish. The structures in the first level are easy to demolish. But as you level up, they become complex and tougher and harder to take down.


The structures are made of wood planks, basic metal pipes, marbles and steel pipes. The explosives that are available to you are sticks of dynamite, RDX steel cutter, PCD-200, RMF-1000 and gasoline barrel. And when you blast off structures, make sure that all debris will fall below the borderline. Go to these guys site to know more about the game and for more techniques.

Utilize your great supply with Water Werks

Water Werks is a physics-based game where you will be dealing with water and blobs. This is a unique game in the sense that you will have to apply basic Physics such as force and trajectory in order to be successful with your objective in this game. There are two reasons why you will love playing this game. First is because of the fact that you and the young ones will be able to learn and visualize certain aspects of Physics which is essential on a daily basis. Second is because of the entertainment that it will bring for you to have a way to kill boredom or spend your leisure time with.

You will be given a huge water supply, water hose and blobs. You will have to utilize the great water supply by pointing your hose towards the blobs so that they will enter their respective containers or hoppers. There are moments in the game that the situation is tough so you have to figure out how to overcome such struggle.

Water Werks