All out final adventure in Sniper Assassin

Sniper Assassin is the first edition of the great shooting game series called Sniper Assassin. The story of this game is very interesting as well as the evolution of the challenges and the lives involve in this virtual adventure and action packed game. There are two reasons why you should play this finale edition. First is because of the protagonist’s final chance to get his revenge. Second is because of the ending of the story which is quite touching and valuable in certain times whether in reel or real life.

Sniper Assassin 5 (5)

If you are not aware of the series, the main character or the protagonist is named Shawn Davidson who is seeking for revenge to the ruthless person who has taken lives close to Davidson. At this final edition, the goal of Shawn is to finally kill Mr. Johnson, the drug lord. From the last edition, the ending is about Shawn’s friend being kidnapped and killed. It is the last push to the go button of Shawn’s anger. Help him get his revenge as the series goes to a close. See the game at

Defend the village in Boulder Basher 2

Are you looking for a game to relax a little? Try playing Boulder Basher 2 and see how long you can protect the little village. Giants are throwing boulders to your village. Draw lines to deflect these boulders and bounce them back to the giants. But know that these lines fade swiftly. Smaller lines make the boulders bounce more. Beware of the evil Wizard, you cannot deflect his fireball but you can bounce the boulders at him to stop him. After each level, you can have the houses still standing repaired. You can also buy catapults and shields as aids in defensing the village.

Boulder Basher 2 is a fun challenging and addicting action game. It is a simple game, although it is a bit hard to survive. As you level up, the giants attack in number simultaneously with drawing lines as your only defense.