Vehicle specification and utilization in Earn To Die 2012 Part 2

Do you love cars or any vehicles existing now? Are you fond of driving and adrenaline rush? Excited about Zombies? If your answer to the three questions is a yes, then there is a good treat for all of you. There is a flash game that involves all the mentioned questions earlier. The game is called Earn To Die 2012 Part 2. This game will surely excite, thrill and challenge players. Through skimming and scanning the whole content of this article, you will be enlightened anew about this game.

The story of this new part is the same with the first one, the player is still in a desert where zombies are walking around. The objective is still the same which is to smash and crush zombies to reach the goal line. You can do this by utilizing vehicles that are available on the garage. There are three types of vehicles and the first one is a fire truck. After you have earned enough cash, you can upgrade it in a big rig and the finals vehicle is the flatbed truck. There are three levels that a player will have to pass such as the Forgotten Hills, Silent Woods and White Peak.


Be creative and logical with Draw Play 3

Drawing is one of the skills that can be learned or inherited from genes. It is an art where one is able to create whatever he or she has in mind and putting them into a paper, canvass or drawing sheets. For some, it is inborn which makes it easier for them create great artworks. But for others, it can still be achieved through practice and tutorials from the expert. This skills has been incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as flash games. In fact, this article is about an example of this game which is entitled as Draw Play 3.


As you will notice, there is a number 3 on the title which usually means that it is the third part, installment or edition. The mission in this game is to guide the stick figure to reach the exit or end point in each platform or level. The only problem is that the platform is incomplete which will make the game tough to pull through. Fortunately, you will be given the chance to draw the necessary parts in order to make the stick figure pass through the exit safely. Just make sure that it will be exact and right on the missing part to successfully win the game.