Use the bike quickly in Manic Rider

There are flash games that are related to vehicles existing online which is popular among gamers around the world. There are three factors why they are a hit. One is because of the involvement of vehicles such as cars, trucks, bikes and motors which satisfy the passion of certain people who are addicted to the mentioned vehicles. Two is because of the many things that the vehicles can do in the games such as racing, driving and drifting. Last is because of the graphics presented which highlight the images of the vehicles which is more appealing to the eyes of the players.

Manic Rider

One good example is the flash game called Manic Rider. It is the fastest and most wicked bike game existing now. This is purely about bikes which will be utilized by the players who want to engage in it. The mission or job of the player is to complete the levels successfully as well as earn coins and bonuses to make the score higher and bigger. Manic Rider can be found and played online.

Rescue the wife of the protagonist in Sushi Cat 3

If there is one flash game that possesses cuteness and fun, it is the game called Sushi Cat 3. This is the third installment from the cute and entertaining flash game series called Sushi Cat. Obviously, it features a cat that eats sushi. There are two factors contributing to the explanation of why it is a popular game. One is because it is about animals and food which is a pretty good combination in a game theme. Second is because it challenges the player even if it is simple in its graphics.

sushi cat 3 (2)

This game has an interesting story. Sushi Cat is the main character and the protagonist in this game. He is celebrating the first wedding anniversary with his wife in a fine dining restaurant. Unfortunately, the Head Chef on the restaurant kidnapped his wife. Sushi Cat must rescue her and he can do it with the help of the player. You must drop and feed the cat with sushi as many as possible. If he falls down to the bottom with a bigger tummy, it will correspond to a higher score. If you will be looking for it online, you can simply enter