Get rid of the green blocks in Blosics 1

Do you have any idea about Blosics 1? Is it a subject in college? Is it a title of a movie? Is it a technological term? Or is it a flash game? If you chose the last option, then you are totally correct because it is indeed an example of a flash game. From the title itself, you can guess that it has something to do with blocks. This is a physics-based platform game. The good thing about this game is that young players can use this game as an alternative way to learn basics of Physics.

The platform on this game has balls, colored blocks and other objects presented on your screen. The player’s mission in this game is to get rid of the gree blocks out of the screen or game area and score points. But doing this is not an easy thing since there are also red and blue blocks spread in the screen. If you shoot the red ones, it means that your score will be deducted while blue means no deduction or point addition. Visit its main website which is

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