Unleash the magic of the pencil in Pencil Racer

Imagine if pencils don’t exist. The world will be less expressive and there will be less factors that will pave the way of technology. Great thing they have existed and still existing at the moment which most of us use for writing and drawing. Young ones and even adults who love to draw use a pencil as the primary outline tool for an art. Game creators have picked up the potential of a pencil to be a great theme or character in a flash game. If you are looking for a flash game where a pencil is the protagonist, it will be the Pencil Racer.

This game exemplifies drawing and racing at the same time. The game’s objective is very simple which is to draw your own track and test your preferred racing vehicle. Your imagination will lead to higher score as long as you are being creative and focus on the task or mission at hand. With creativity and your imagination, everything is possible as you are focus and determined.