Get rid of the green blocks in Blosics 1

Do you have any idea about Blosics 1? Is it a subject in college? Is it a title of a movie? Is it a technological term? Or is it a flash game? If you chose the last option, then you are totally correct because it is indeed an example of a flash game. From the title itself, you can guess that it has something to do with blocks. This is a physics-based platform game. The good thing about this game is that young players can use this game as an alternative way to learn basics of Physics.

The platform on this game has balls, colored blocks and other objects presented on your screen. The player’s mission in this game is to get rid of the gree blocks out of the screen or game area and score points. But doing this is not an easy thing since there are also red and blue blocks spread in the screen. If you shoot the red ones, it means that your score will be deducted while blue means no deduction or point addition. Visit its main website which is

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Show your survival instinct in Carveola Incident

There are three reasons why zombies are great themes or features in different entrrtainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. One is because of the curiousity they bring to people if either they are real or not. Second is because they bring thrill, excitement, and shock to anyone who will see them or encounter them if ever. Last is because they are addicting graphically and cosmetically. There is one game that tackles the zombie apocalypse and it is called Carveola Incident.

The scenario in this game is that you are stucked in Carveola which is a place that has been swarmed by zombies due to the apocalypse. You are aiming for survival and you must think of ways on how to survive and get out of the Carveola. Along the way, you will find weapons that are very helpful in your escape as well as helping other survivors. Search for Carveola Incident online and experience the zombie craze.

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Dolphin Olympics 4: Ever seen dolphins flipping in outer space?

Dolphin Olympics 4, the final sequel comes with some new looks and environment where you make your dolphins flip. This time you are in space your competitors are aliens. So you need to work hard to defeat the aliens and be the Universe champion.


The game comes with a new experience where you will travel from galaxy to galaxy playing against odd creatures. At first you have to train your dolphin in an arena. Then you need to complete 7 competitions to complete the game. That’s not the only task you need to do. You have to collect coins and rewards in each level by performing tricks. To know about other features please visit So start performing and compete with your Facebook friends to know how capable you are to win the competition and rock the leaderboard.

Drive and escape in Rumble Town Racing 2

Rumble Town Racing 2 is an example of a flash game that exhibits racing adventure. However, this is not your typical racing game because there are many happenings inside this game, which you will eventually know at the latter part of this article. First, let us tackle two reasons why racing games are clicked among gamers around the world. There are only two words to simplify the answer: cars and adrenaline. Most people are fascinated with cars. With racing, we feel real and virtual adrenaline rush. To further know the game, just continue reading this article.


As mentioned earlier, there are many happenings going on with this game. First, you will be part of a race. Second, the race is illegal. Third, since it is illegal, there are Rumble Town policemen chasing you and other racers. Now, you have a big challenge chasing you. Your survival will depend on how quick and wise you are to beat other racers while escaping or getting out of the sight of the rampaging policemen.

Unleash the magic of the pencil in Pencil Racer

Imagine if pencils don’t exist. The world will be less expressive and there will be less factors that will pave the way of technology. Great thing they have existed and still existing at the moment which most of us use for writing and drawing. Young ones and even adults who love to draw use a pencil as the primary outline tool for an art. Game creators have picked up the potential of a pencil to be a great theme or character in a flash game. If you are looking for a flash game where a pencil is the protagonist, it will be the Pencil Racer.

This game exemplifies drawing and racing at the same time. The game’s objective is very simple which is to draw your own track and test your preferred racing vehicle. Your imagination will lead to higher score as long as you are being creative and focus on the task or mission at hand. With creativity and your imagination, everything is possible as you are focus and determined.