Bob is back in Bob the Robber 2

Bob the Robber 2 is the sequel of Bob Robber. It is an addicting fun adventure game. Bob is like Robin Hood, stealing from the corrupt Gamp Corporation. Bob must steal the valuables in the house or building without getting caught. You will play as Bob, and rob the city of cash.
Thrilling as ever, you will enter buildings, search for cash while aiming for the final goal. And when you got the all the valuables, you got to make your exit without being caught too.You have to get past through security guards, cameras, lasers, dogs and even zombies. Use your keyboard in controlling Bob. Bob the Robber 2 is also a puzzle game, you have to find your way to get your goal and find where the codes of some doors are or how to unlock other doors. To play Bob the Robber 2, check this site out.

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Eliminate enemies in Bomb It 1

What are the uses of bombs? Most of the time, people only think of bombs as terrorists’ weapon but in reality, there are certain uses of these things that cause a positive outcome. One great example is by destroying an old building in order to make anew and more stable building with a long-term tenure. Another example is by destroying huge blocks of ice, which is a common problem in countries that experience winter or snow. Bombs are also being incorporated in flash games. One example is Bomb It 1.
Many people will love this game. As a player, you will be given options to play against the computer or with another player. You can choose among 4 available characters which you will guide. There are three levels of difficulty that you can control such as easy, normal and hard. Your main objective is to eliminate enemies by bombing them using your bombs at a given time limit.

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