Have fun with Rail Rush 2!

Adventure lovers will definitely cheer up with this good news! Rail Rush flash game has launched their latest version called Rail Rush 2. The plot of the game is same, but this time it is offering latest features, obstacle, bonus and many more stuffs!
The graphics is awesome as well the sound is. Initial levels are quite easy compared to the advanced levels. You will be in a trolley and you have to go though rail line. At the same time, you will face many obstacles and difficulties. You need to pass them using different strategies. Press UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW button for accelerating in the upper side and lower side. Use A and D button for moving left right corner. There will be many rocks you need to collect them for increasing your points.


Beat The Time In Rally Point 2

It’s racing time! Speed, cars, adrenalin: those are the main features of Rally Point 2. Speed fans will definitely enjoy playing this game. It is so challenging and exciting that you won’t want to stop playing! Your goal in this game is to win races and this way you will be able to upgrade your car. You have a possibility to choose from six different tracks. At first, only three of them will be unlocked. Then, you will choose your car. When you do that, the game can begin. You need to drive very fast and beat the time!

You win races by beating the target time. This way you unlock more tracks and more cars. Sometimes you will need to use nitro to give an extra boost. Also, you will love the graphics! They are so realistic and you will have a feeling you are really driving through mountainous, wavy or snowy surroundings.


Be Extra Careful With Apple Shooter

Apple shooter is an awesome archery game. If you have ever played these kind of game or if you like archery you will truly enjoy this one. It is quite challenging because there is an apple on your best friend’s head, and you have to shoot it. You need to be very careful not to shoot your friend. There are 5 levels in the game. At every level you will be more far away from your friend.

At the first levels you will be at 20 feed distance from him, so we can say that it is the easiest level. At he second level the number will increase to 25 feet, and so on. The last level is very difficult and it requires your real archery knowledge. But don’t worry, because there will be some great tools to help you aim better. Those are circular gauge and a meter bar. Try them out at http://www.bowman3.com/apple-shooter.



Strike Force Heroes walkthrough:

If you haven’t played the Strike Force Heroes Series, well this is an opportunity for you to know the game series more. Come on and have a Strike Force Heroes walkthrough! Your ultimate goal is to kill more than your enemies, and not get killed. In the first installment, you will start the game as a medical soldier but will eventually become a permanent field soldier. In the second installment, it will be the same, but there will be additional skills and appearances. In the long run, you will then be the troop captain in the third installment.
Instead of just killing as your task, you task will involve protecting your territory and conquering other territories. In the last installment, it is pretty much the same as the previous but has better graphics and settings. If the Strike Force Heroes walkthrough is not enough to feed your agitation, better yet play the game series now.

Strike Force Heroes Walkthrough