Caught the fishes in Fish Hunter 2

Fish is an animal that has many purposes. It can be a pet in an aquarium. It can be a source of protein. It can be a good source of business by establishing a fishery. It can also be a theme in different entertainment medium such as movies, television series and flash games. Movies like Finding Nemo and Sharknado are all about kinds of fishes. There is a flash game called Fish Hunter 2. This can be a good medium to kill boredom.
The objective in the flash game Fish Hunter 2 is very easy to understand but quite tough to accomplish while the game progresses. The player will act or play as a fisherman. You will have to shoot three types of fishes and the game will end once the arrows or the timer ends. If you want to play this game, just search it online and have a blast fishing.

Fish Hunter 2 (1)

Defeat enemies in Sniper Team 1

Are you fond of target shooting? Have you seen or used a rifle or a gun before? If your answer is a yes, there is a flash game that will surely give you an alternative way of precise target shooting. The flash game is called Sniper Team 1. This is the first installment from the series Sniper Team Games. Do you know why shooting has been incorporated with flash games? There are three factors that can respond to the question. One factor is the involvement of shooting weapons. Second factor is because of the challenge it can give to a player. Last factor is the entertainment factor which all of us are expecting in a game.
Sniper Team 1 enables a player to be a soldier who needs to eliminate opponents by shooting them using different weapons. There will be a huge army of enemies trying to destroy your base as well as kill you. The player needs to unleash his or her precise shooting skills before the enemy make a move. This link can provide more elaborations about this game.