Play Hoops in Slamdunk Anime Game

It is obviously a game about basketball based on the title itself. Basketball is such a universal sport in the sense that anyone can really play it even those who don’t have shooting skills. All you need is proper space, ball and board with net and you are good to go. Slamdunk Anime Game is about shooting hoops and earning points as well as beating you rival or opponent. The players will simply play hoops, dribble and shoot the ball on the basket and earn high scores. This is a two player game so one can play with a friend or a family member as a past time or medium to kill boredom.
The characters in this game are anime characters so kids and even adults who are addicted to anime will surely get hooked on Slamdunk Anime Game. Basketball in a flash game? This game is for you. So what are you waiting for? Search it now and play.

Slamdunk Anime Game

Slowly get to the exit sign with Snail Bob 5

There are different types of animals existing and living in this world. In terms of speed and movement, there are fast animals and slow animals. Usually, what people give attention to, are the faster ones rather than the latter. However, nowadays, animals like turtles and snails have been incorporated in television series and games. One great example is flash game called Snail Bob 5. This is mainly about Bob, the snail that a particular place. The role of the player is to guide Bob in overcoming obstacles and hurdles along the way. Snail Bob 5 is actually the fifth version of the series Snail Bob.
There are new features that avid gamers of the series will surely love. The game is set in Egypt where Bob needs to travel and reach his destination safely. It is the player’s role to help him overcome bridges, obstacles and other elements and reach the exit sign. There are 75 levels in this serving that will surely make the gamers hooked until the end. The game is very easy to control. You just have to click the snail to move and click again to stop. Snail Bob 5 can be search in different websites or in this link.

Snail Bob 5

Watch funny reactions in Scary Maze Game Videos

If you’ve ever been surprised in your life, then you know how heart-pounding and scary it is. Did you scream? Did you cry out of surprise? Or did you accidentally hurt the person who surprised you because you tried to defend yourself? Either way, the experience might not be a good one for you, but it definitely got a laugh out of your friends, that’s for sure. In Scary Maze Game Videos, watch the funny reactions of the people who played the game and got the biggest (and most scariest) surprise of their life. Watch as they scream, jump from their seats and literally punch the screen! To check out the video, click here:

Surprises might not be pleasant for the people being surprised, but other people do get a kick at watching your adorable reactions. Watch Scary Maze Game Videos now and have a great laugh.

Scary Maze Game Video

Cue the buttons in Button Heads 2

Do you like playing pool game or billiards in real life? Are you looking to a virtual game that you can play? If your answer is a yes, you are in luck because there is a game that suit your standards. The game is called Button Heads 2. The only catch is that this particular flash game is way different from the usual billiards or pool game. To be more elaborate, continue reading this part onwards.
The first factor why Button Heads 2 is completely different from others is because of the yellow and blue buttons. These buttons have a corresponding role. the yellow button serves as e cue ball while the blue one is the target. The second factor is the set up of the game table. Usually, the normal pool game has six holes while in Button Heads 2, there is a particular line which serves as the end or goal area. The last factor is e goal itself . The player needs to cue the blue buttons put using the yellow one to score.

Buttonheads 2