Play Doodle God 3 on iPhone

If you want to enjoy the game in your room without having any friend or family member with you in that room because you like to enjoy fun alone then be happy because I am going to tell you about a new game named Doodle God 3, which is my favorite game. It’s the 3rd version of the series Doodle God that has presented many other editions to the players from all over this world. The game can be played by just the single person and no one can participate playing together.
The producer of this game is Joy Bits that has published it on many sites. So get ready to solve many puzzles and difficult levels to achieve. Basically, the game was introduced for iPhones and iPads only, but now it’s available to play on many other devices.

Doodle God 3

Enjoy Being One: episode 1

Mouse breaker is pleased to let you know that a new game Being One: episode 1 has been arrived. Although, the name of this game doesn’t explain actually what this game have inside, but let me give you some insights about this game. It is an exciting escaping game and you have to find your way out from a place you do not even know! You just wake up and you don’t remember anything. The game is entertaining for all ages; even children who love escaping game could enjoy playing this.
Just like any other escaping games, you have to find things that my help you to escape. You can use your mouse to point and click on objects. Moreover, remembering some important notes along the way could be a great help for you. So, play this game now and good luck on your mission!

Being One episode 1

Help in Snail Bob 4

I know you have played and enjoyed Snail Bob 1, 2, and 3 and now can’t wait for the 4th version of the series. Your waiting is over because the 4th edition called Snail Bob 4 has come to existence. This version came as we were expecting from the developers. In this new version, the player will see many new things in the world of the character Snail.
The concept of the game is same as we have seen in the last 3 versions, so the player will find that the bob is busy in finding new home and the player is going to help him search what he needs. Try to finish each stage successfully and don’t waste your time in this task as you have no unlimited time to spend to finish each level. Play now and enjoy.

Snail Bob 4

Knock off in Vehicles 2 Level Pack

This is a game where the player has to race against his opponents, in this game, you will see more levels and more features available from the vehicles series. Basically, this game is bad vehicles vs good vehicles. The control of this game is your mouse, just use it to enjoy the game. The designing of the game is superb. It has gained 70% of rating from all over the world. More than 700 votes have been received.
A beautiful meter to trace the speed has been designed to check how speedy are you driving. The player will have a police car, and his duty is to knock off the dark colored vehicles. He will also own a truck, a firing machine, and some other tools to beat the enemies. Make sure to park the car in the right place to gain more bonus points.

Vehicles 2 Level Pack

Difficult levels in Blosics 3

Once the player begins playing Blosics 3 it will be very hard to stop the game for him.Visit The mission is easy and simple, just shoot the balls located at stacks of blocks. Once you start aiming and shooting, you will know that how simple the game is and how easy the game’s levels are. It’s easy to learn and play, but keep in mind that understanding the game in depth, and advancing from one stage to other is not so easy task.
The main screen of the game contains about 6 links including Leaderboard, Play, Achievements, Options, Credits, and More games. Each link has useful information to read and learn the game. A grassy plot has been created for this amazing and good game that seem perfect to view. The hardness comes from making the strategy to complete the game.

Blosics 3