Press M in vex 4 to mute the music

Your favorite stickman which is your hero as well is back in this 4th edition vex 4. The hero is better than in the previous versions. What are you doing here? Well, your goal is to jump, run, climb and slide the way to win in this action and thrilling game, which is suitable for all kinds of people. What do you think about your abilities? Do you have the skill that you can beat all its 25 levels?
Hotkeys are similar to the previous versions, so if you have played them, you can use those keys with ease. You are free to select either the A, S, D, and the W key or use the arrow keys. These keys will direct the character in the direction the player need him to go. Don’t like the music? Press M to mute.

vex 4

Enjoy Renegade Racing using the driving skills

This is another quick car driving game where you have to compete with rowdily redneck which is an adrenaline addicted police boy and your competitions would be against other crazy boys too. All of you will use different tracks. So to start this game, you have to purchase a car and then make its performance better continuously. To charge the turbo, you will need to perform many thrilling stunts, and make sure to finish each track before the others achieve.
Use Up arrow key or W to accelerate, Down arrow key or S to brake or reverse. The right arrow key can be used to black flip or back wheelie, the left arrow key or D is to front flip. When you need to make a jump use X or the space key. The game contains much fun to enjoy.

Renegade Racing