Play online Raft Wars 2

No way to doubt about that gaming in our lives is just like a big storm, and a lot of people now are thinking to purchase high-class video VGA cards just to keep high graphics games for their computers. This is a fact that not every player is able to afford over $150 upgrades, so instead, the players go online and search the gaming websites that offer free online gamings. Raft Wars 2 is also a game that can be played for free when someone gets access to a website providing the required facility. Check this site to learn the controls of the game.
The site listed and mentioned above describes a different type of games including Raft Wars 2 and some others. Read the instructions and controls carefully before start playing.

Raft Wars 2 (1)

Fly to earn in Agent Platformer

This game is created to collect the coins placed in different locations on the computer screen. Remember, you have very limited fuel to complete this game, so use it carefully. You have to use the flights wisely. The more coins you collect, the more fuel you will have. Continue flying to touch the victory point.
Controls are simple. L and R can be used to move. Space bar is made for making the character jump. This is an action game and has been played a thousand times by the people from all over the world. It’s a timed platform game where you are free to die as many times as you wish, no difference will be made by it. The mission is to go through every level and finish the game as quick as possible. Besides the space bar, up arrow key can be used also to make the character jump.