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For instance, you probably heard of the game Plants vs. Zombies before. What if you found out that you no longer have to download this game on your device or a buy a CD to install in your computer so that you can play it? Plants vs. Zombies is a tower game where you will need to protect your home against flesh-eating zombies! Of course there are also other games that are less complicated in nature such as puzzle games. You will be able to play with popular puzzle games such as Bejeweled and Zuma’s Revenge, The sims, Tanch Rush and Garden-escapes which in the past were games that needed to be paid for but are now available for free.

Cactus McCoy Weapons: Use them carefully.

When you start the game, your hands will be empty from any weapons, so in the beginning you have to rely on only punching with your bare hands, and you know fighting without weapons and using just bare hands is not an effective way to defeat the enemies. But, don’t worry, as the game progresses, many types of heavy weapons will come to help you fight against them. Keep in mind Cactus McCoy weapons are important in this game.
Cactus McCoy Weapons can be found or obtained from the dead enemies as well as from the stages. Keep in mind that although, weapons can help you a lot, but don’t forget their downside as well. Your weapons have no unlimited strength for ruckus and they have very limited ammo. So if the ammo is finished, or the weapon is not working because it is broken, you will not able to use them anymore.