Truck Loader 1: A Game of Tact and Strategy!

Truck Loader 1 is a physics-and-puzzle game that is interesting as well as challenging to play. The fact that it can sometimes be really hard to play the game supports the fact that this game is specifically designed to advance your thinking capabilities. Your object in the game is to load your truck with boxes. I know it seems easy but it’s not. You have to use your brain to identify the best position to lift the cargo up. You need to pay your full attention and concentration while playing the game. All this suggests that this is a game of strategy. It is so addictive and enjoyable that while playing it, you would be completely absorbed into it and would want to play it again and again. So, if you want to enhance your thinking capacities and if you want to take up the hard challenge, then start playing Truck Loader 1.

Stunt Pilot 4 – Feel The Thrill!

Stunt Pilot 4 is the latest installment of the Stunt Pilot series. This game will definitely keep you glued to your seat! Just like the previous parts, it has a number of challenging levels. If you want to reach the high scores, then you will have to cross all the hurdles, pass through all the rings in the shortest possible time. And you have to be careful not to crash your plane. You will not get many chances so it is better if you play cautiously and with full concentration. Initially, the game controls may seem a little tricky to new gamers. But after you have played the first few levels, you will get used to the controls. Basically, you will have to make use of the ‘up’ arrow key to steer your plane. There may be hot air balloons flying in the sky which you have to keep from colliding into.

Have Fun Playing Fancy Pants Adventures World 3

If you have not played Fancy Pants Adventure World 3, then you must check this now! It is true that Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 and 2 were great games, but the third sequel reaches the next level of greatness. Whether it is the graphics, music or gameplay, this game is better than the first two in every aspect. The plot is more humorous as now you don’t have to chase another animal but help the king save his bathtub from the pirates who have taken possession by force. As in the previous parts, you will be faced with a variety of creatures and obstacles on your way. In addition to the primary levels, there are hidden doors that will lead you to several mini challenges. This is an amazing new feature that provides more enjoyment. Also, there is a tutorial in the beginning of the game to help new players get familiar with the controls.