Play Bubble Shooter in Full Screen

Bubble Shooter is the shooting game that you will feel very good. The game can be played online without any cost. Now the game is published in full screen version that you will enjoy more. When you will play the game in full screen version you will enjoy the game more. It is a great opportunity for you to pass good time playing all day.
Bubble Shooter is an online game for playing. The game is quite interesting to play it and it would be a great fun for you to play it online. You will get lots of fun if you try this game once. You must continue to play the game online for a long time otherwise you will not be able to get the full fun of playing the game. You can also play the game by downloading it for a swift playing term. You will enjoy this game a lot for sure.

Jill in Different Situations- Cake Mania

If you are a restaurant game lover then you are definitely going to like the Cake Mania series. The game is full of fun and excitement. Each of the installments of the game is going to amaze you. The game is based on a story of Jill’s life. In each sequel you will find Jill in different situation. Like the other restaurant game you have to do a lot of tasks at the same time. You can download now this amazing game!
In the game you have to prepare the cake and serve to the customers quickly. In the first installment you will find Jill working hard to regain the fame of her grandparent’s bakery shop. In third sequel Jill is going to marry her loved one but this wedding is cancelled. In Cake Mania 4 Jill is working to rebuild the Main Street. In Cake Mania to the Max you will see Jill in the Prom.