With Additional Features- Effing Worm 2

Online games will give you different taste at different game. You won’t be bored of playing these games. Effing Worm is also a game that will entertain you in a different way. After the huge success of the game, it has released its sequel. Yes, Effing Worm 2 is available in internet and you can play the game anytime. In fact, click here to play this fun game.
In Effing Worm, you have to play a role of a human flesh eating worm. This worm is very hungry and looking for the human around the city. You will see a hunger meter. It says how much hungry the worm is and how much you need to eat. Don’t let the meter to go down. The game will be over if the meter goes to zero. In second sequel of the game, you will be able to enjoy additional features.

Prove Your Serving Skill In Diner Dash 3

Restaurant games are one of the interesting online games that can keep you busy for a long time and every moment of the game you are going to be entertained. Diner Dash is such an amazing game. This game comes with different story. Why don’t  you visit this site for more information.
In Diner Dash you have to play a role of a girl who is Flo. This game has different sequels and every time it come with a different story and situation. Diner Dash 3 is also not different from it. In this sequel, you will find Flo in a cruise ship. Here, she has to fix the stuffs. From the ship she has to jump you a train. There are insufficient stuffs in the train and serve there. Here, Flo needs to prove her serving skill. In the game, you will be given different situations and you need to face it very smartly.