Full of Fin and Excitements- Bubble Struggle 3

Hey Bubble Struggle lovers, your favorite shooting game have released its latest version which is Bubble Struggle 3. Don’t miss the chance to play the game. Learn more about Bubble Struggle.
The concept of the game is as before. You have to play the main pink colored character role and shoot all the bubble appeared in the screen. Don’t take the game that easily. In doing so, you have to save yourself from being hit by the small fragment of the Bubble. Actually, when you will shoot a large bubble it will break into smaller balls and scatter throughout the screen and they might hit you. If you are hit by them you will lose your life. You will get unlimited Bubbles and different weapons to shoot the Bubble. You will also be able to do side scrolling. To get bonus and complete the level, you have to use your timing and dodging skill. The main change of the Bubble Struggle is its look.
Have Fun!

Maneuvering the Tricky Tactical Assassin 2 Mission 9 Game

Playing Tactical Assassin is quite interesting.  However, the game gets tantalizing as one grows with the levels and missions. For instance, Tactical Assassin 2 Mission 9 is known to be the trickiest game to play. Though presented in a black and white artistic design, the game is well detailed. This makes it more fun and enticing to play. Spending substantial time playing it is really worth. It outlines the shooting mechanisms though with protracted realism. Being the last mission of the game, mission 9 of Tactical Assassin 2 requires some smartness to take the target out. One is expected to remain hidden in totality. A common mistake done by many players is that they shoot the person leaning on the car and think it is done. Consequently, they end up failing the mission. The triumphing trick is to make distractions long enough for the bomb to be planted on the target’s car. Believe it, you will maneuver.