A Different Flash Game- Skull Kid

Shooting games are always fun to play. Skull Kid game is one of them. Why don’t you give it a try!
The aim of this game is to kill everything on the level. For doing this, you will be given different kinds of weapons. First, you will get an ironic chainsaw and as you will proceed in the game you will get more weapons that will make the game more fun to play. This game will allow you to slice, shoot and dismember your enemy.
If you are comparing the game with other flash games then you will feel all of them are fun to play in their own way. Like, Dinner Dash a non violent game. It is a restaurant game where you have to serve your customer and earn money. Whereas Plazma Burst is a highly violent game. You will love all the flash games including Skull Kid.

Snipers! Get ready for Shooting in Tactical Assassin

Are you looking for a challenging shooting game? Tactical Assassin is the best option for you. Visit this site to play the game.
Tactical Assassin is an addictive shooting game where shooters called “Sniper”. Here you will have a huge rifle as a controller. You have to complete 9 major missions. At first, you may feel that levels are quite easy to pass but you need a little thinking to clear the levels efficiently. For getting high score, avoid shooting anything beside the target. Don’t kill civilians because it will deduct your scores. The vanilla weapon has only 6 rounds so don’t miss it. In mission 4 you have to look for a perfect time to shoot the target. For mission 7, you may notice that your target is busy entertaining himself on TV shoot very carefully. Mission 9 is the hardest one.
Face the challenges and win the game!

Simple But Entertaining, Fun, Scary Maze Games!

Have you ever played Maze Games? Learn more about the maze game.
You may feel, not to play such a simple game. But I can assure you that this simple game will give you fun, entertainment and at the same time you will be frustrated. You have to guide an object through a simple map but it won’t be that simple. Maze games test your patience skill and you will find it true when for a single wrong step you have to restart the whole game.
You will find a lot of Maze Games in internet which you can play for free. Playing the game is like defusing the bomb in real life. You need to be patient and steady with your hands and attentive at the same time as you can’t look away for a single moment. This simple game will give rid from your boredom. So, without thinking start playing the game!