Get the Edge on Free Online Zombie Games

There are several free online zombie games that have been released to give gamers a good scare while playing the games. Most of these games are tower defense games wherein the gamers’ role is to protect their home or base from those blood hungry zombies. Some online zombie games available for free include the Anti Zombie Defense game, Zombie Shooter, Shoot em Zombies, Coast Zombie, Kill em Zombies, the Zombie House, and a lot more. Among these zombie games, one of the most popular is the Plants vs Zombies game.  The Plants vs Zombies game is a tower defense game wherein you take the role of protecting your home from zombie invasion.  At the start of each game, you have to line up plants and flowers on your lawn. You must first start planting sunflowers because these produces sun which in turn provides you points for the game when clicked. Then, you must then start to line up army plants for your defense. You must exploit the use of each plant to get a good edge on the game.