Free Online Zombie Games: Get the Best and Only the Best Warrior for Your Team

Some free online zombie games available include the Anti Zombie Defense game, Zombie Shooter, Shoot em Zombies, Coast Zombie, Kill em Zombies, the Zombie House, and a lot more. Among these zombie games, one of the most popular is the Plants vs Zombies game. This is a tower defense game where you take the role of protecting your home from zombie invasion. Another game in this genre is the Zombie Ville game. Fight against a large amount of blood hungry zombies that swarm the city. Release your anger by eliminating all the zombies on your way. Crush them using high action weapons, kill and rule over the city until you’re satisfied. Let the bodies on the floor and no one will stop you. Be the captain of your own ship in this game.  You may choose from 18 skilled warriors. However, you have to be clever because each has different specializations. You are also allowed to carry six weapons in your bag pack so choose wisely.

Be the Hero with Free Online Zombie Games

Zombies are often scary creatures that most people usually see in movies. These zombie creatures are also featured in several video games. Creating a change from the usual adventure, quest and action-filled video games already developed. There are several free online zombie games that have been released to give gamers a good scare while playing the games. One popular game in this genre is the Zombie Ville game. Zombie Ville is the most exciting game developed by Mika Mobile. This is an action packed bloody entertainment that will bring the hero in you. Your role is to save humanity against the flesh eating zombies. Stumble upon massive zombies that will take over the city. This will give you the satisfaction that you never experienced before. The adventure starts when the city was attacked by flesh eating zombies, but don’t panic everything is under control. You will be the savior of this city. You will lead a well-organized party of zombie squad.